Museums and the Web 2012—authenticity

I just got to Museums and the Web for the first time.  This morning’s workshop is on social media strategy, a quick review of facebook, pinterest, instagram, google +, etc etc.  I think the thing that is interesting about these platforms is the opportunity to present actual voices from the institution and engage in a dialogue with audiences.  There is only going to be a small group of content creators from the institution and a somewhat larger but more casual group of participators from the audience. 

One reason I am doing this blog is that I think the institution is best served by social media when there is a real person’s voice, as opposed to a corporate voice (no matter how casual, frank, and open the latter may be).  Somehow authenticity is sniffed out by the social media mechanism, and anything that smells institutional or promotional will be snagged by the filters that have become so sensitive to PR.

The presenters are now starting.  more to follow